“Oh, those pesky Gull Brothers are at it again!” Buster Crab and his brother Sandy complained to Big Bill the Pelican. Buzzy Seagull and his brother Speedy are annoying everyone at the the Crabby Shack, swooping down and trying to steal the food from the customers! “What are we going to do about that?” the Crabby Brothers want to know. But Big Bill doesn’t know.

Good old Big Bill is curious, adventurous, hopeful, generous, and kind.

But he would never tell you that about himself because he is also humble and knows that he was not blessed with much wisdom. He is not the one who will know what to do to help the Crabby Brothers with their problem or two. But he knows who can: his friend from inland, Solomon the wise Snail. And yet…can even the wise Solomon be the one to teach those rude seagulls how to say Please and Thank you? Or will the mysterious Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love choose another to be the brave one when Solomon Snail Goes To The Beach?

Solomon Snail Goes to the Beach - book mockup
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