Meet a snail called Solomon.
Keep him company as he goes along.
Lean in close and listen…
For as he travels he sings his song..
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
Hear his voice and pay it Mind.


“When Solomon the Snail was young, he didn’t know that something wonderful was going to happen in his life. A wise and all-knowing snail was what Solomon would one day be. He carried his house on his back and would go inside to ask his Friend, the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love inside of him, what he should do to get the answers to all his life’s struggles and problems.”

“One day as he began his travel, going ever so slow…he began to sing, as he would often do. Snails move ever so slowly, always thinking as they go, to be sure to watch for stumbling stones or holes along the way. Ditches are scary to snails, you know! “So watch out for trouble,” is what snails would stay. “

“On that day when he went inside the house upon his back, he went inside his secret place to talk to Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love and ask what he should do. So Might Wondrous Voice of Love said, “Go down the road to meet Mrs. Ladybug, ‘Dot’, as she is called. She has something for you to do. So off he went, ever so slowly, to meet with Mrs. Ladybug Dot, who had a problem or two!”

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