The community of friends can’t play at the pond because of the bully named Milton the Frog. Clover the Rabbit calls on the help of Mrs. Ladybug, “Dot” as she is known to her friends, and they seek the wisdom of Solomon the Snail to deal with the problem how to help Milton see that he is being mean. Only someone who is both able to fly over the water to him and brave enough to face him can do it. In the whole neighborhood near the pond there is only one who measures up, only one who can bring the news of the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love to the bully who is terrorizing everyone – the tiny little Ladybug called Dot. But she will be all by herself! Or will she? Don’t forget – the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love is with her!


Poor Milton keep his sadness and was mean to all who would come to be with him in the pond.

It wasn’t right! It wasn’t fair! To keep Milton the frog away from joining in the fun at the party that day!

As the door began to creak open, there Solomon appeared “Good day to you my dear sweet friends.

We can’t change him, and everyone is afraid.

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