” Knowledge is of more value than gold.” Ecclesiastes 1:7 

Wisdom is the knowledge obtained by experiences in life. It is not intelligence alone. It is instinctive to understand things around him that people can not understand. Knowledge is gained by studying, whereas wisdom focuses on intuitiveness, understanding, and accepting the integral things in life.

What Makes Wisdom An Important Part Of Our Lives?

Life requires a person to have the wisdom to help him overcome the difficulties that life brings. In life, we have to deal with situations reasonably. Wisdom helps people conquer problems and situations with the least possible losses all the time. 

A wise person has patience, a deep thinker, and insight, while critical thinkers are not biased. They are not affected by emotions, situations, and other influences. They know their goals to achieve and work hard towards them. 

Critical thinkers are not impulsive; instead, they are rational. He tries to choose the best way to achieve results, taking into account all possibilities without harming anybody.  

Wisdom safeguards a person from having complex problems and prevents him from making hasty decisions that he might regret later on in life. Wisdom shields a person from falling into a web of problems.      

Wisdom builds a person’s personality and cultivates good qualities in dealing with different situations and achieving satisfying results. Wisdom helps develop a person’s relationships and social skills. People love a wise person because he advises them ideally on life. He does not mind helping others because he is confident in himself and find goodness in people. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Wisdom?

The following virtues characterize a wise person. 

Wisdom is open to new ideas and concepts. He accepts the things he cannot change, finds a solution, and works towards it. The obstacles that come is a challenge of a wise person to correct the difference and benefits from them. 

The culture of a wise man is to educate himself as much as possible. The intelligence that he gets will give him the knowledge to resolve matters carefully and attain a positive result.

A wise man shows mercy and compassion towards his fellowmen. He listens patiently to the problems and life situations presented to him. He learns from them and includes them in his experiences in life. 

A person with wisdom listens attentively to read through the book written by Caroleann Rice when people talk about problems and difficulties they face to get the full grasp of the circumstances as he faces life. He learns from it and applies it in his life.

Some people say to enjoy the unexpected. It is motivating those people or situations around you with a positive attitude. Using the power of a smile alone can make the world a better place. It reverses the tone of the negative vibes.  

Being happy does not mean you don’t have problems; instead, it faces life and coping with it. It is challenging to find fun and happiness, especially if things do not go your way. You will just have to be optimistic to see the bright side of things. With a cheerful spirit, you will have a positive outlook which will help you deal with the negative things in life.

Be humble. A humble person does not brag about the knowledge and experience he has. He is not arrogant but rather humble, which earns him the love and respect of people. Humility is the core of true wisdom.

A wise person helps others sincerely. He shares what he has, whether it’s intelligence or material thighs. He is not selfish. 

In every chapter of his life, he gains wisdom through exposure and experiences and overcomes life’s difficulties. The more you learn from the crises of life, the better you become.

How Do We Become Wiser?

Try new things in life. In trying new things every day, you will have the opportunity to learn, make mistakes, and ponder the experience – the right, wrong things you have done.

Meet new people and talk to them. In speaking with different people from different backgrounds, walks of life, and cultures, you will learn a lot from them, expanding your horizons and broadening your knowledge.    

Choose the most challenging task to increase your wisdom. You have to undertake a more arduous task to be resilient to change. It will force you to be creative. Modern technology is one of the biggest hindrances to increasing our cognitive function because they make the job easier and faster. So If you want to become wiser, do it the hard way.

Experiences in life make you wiser. It would be better if you were not afraid to commit mistakes because your risks and your move will help you learn faster. Sooner or later, you will be faced with the same problems in the future, and you will know how to go about it.  

Share your wisdom with others. If someone asks you for advice, help them and show them the right direction. 

Are You A Wise Person?

When we talk about wisdom, the first person that comes to our minds is King Solomon- the king of Israel who built the first Temple in Jerusalem. He was made to choose by God- courage, strength, money, or fame. He chose wisdom above all to make wise decisions for God’s people. God gave Solomon a valuable gift of wisdom. King Solomon was definitely, the wisest man that ever lived.

We can be King Solomons in our own right. 

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