Ways To Control Bullies: A Guide For Parents

The effects of bullying go a long way, linking to many adverse outcomes, including mental health. Kids who are bullied, kids who bully, and those who witness bullying tend to acquire these harmful effects. Hence, as early as possible, it is essential to address this concern.

All parents want to witness their children flourish as they grow, but the negative circumstances can change everything as they journey through life. Many would think that only those who are bullied are at risk of developing mental issues, but no. Bullies have more chances to develop aggressive behaviors. Thus, start seeing signs if your child is a bully. Make sure to take action to mitigate this. Here are some effective ways on how you can control them:

Have a Close Relationship with Your Child

Bullying might be more evident when the child starts to have friends and social life. However, everything always begins at home. Many children develop the qualities of being a bully when they don’t have a close relationship with their family members. The lack of a safe and supportive environment will not allow a child to work out their feelings. Openly talking about feelings is the best way to have understanding in general. If you must, always create a firm line between you and your child. When your child starts to open up with you, don’t just ignore it. Make sure that you listen and stop making judgmental comments.

Address the Situation Immediately

When you see signs that your child can be a bully, it is imperative to address it as soon as possible. This way, your child will get the notion of you not approving of it and that you will not tolerate such an act. You don’t have to list consequences right away, but you do need to demonstrate that you are well aware of the child having to act the way he did. Parents need to tackle bullying as something that their children can choose to do. Thus, they will get that it is a choice they make, and it is their own responsibility, not yours. If you let your child refuse to take responsibility, they will later develop attitude problems in the future.

Incorporate Scenarios 

Children better understand when you put out scenarios. Books are a great way to do this. Choosing books that tackle bullying is a great choice. Children’s books are great at discussing moral lessons that give children the wisdom they need to learn. Caroleann Rice is an author of compelling children’s books that will give your children knowledge and wisdom about bullying. The Ladybug And The Bully Frog is an ideal story young ones can definitely relate to. It wakes them to the idea that bullying is wrongdoing. Ladybug Children’s Book by Caroleann Rice is something that should belong in every kid’s library as it teaches powerful lessons.

Make Child Identify Privilege

It all starts with the lack of humility. If you don’t teach your children humility, they are unable to understand the value of staying grounded. Make them feel gratitude, show them how fortunate they are. This way, they will start to feel grateful for what they have without learning how to brag. Many parents would take away one privilege at a time. Start with electronics, and be clear of the length of time that it is being revoked.

Instill the Value of Empathy

One of the most critical elements in a child’s emotional toolbox is empathy. It allows them to build connections and encourage helping behaviors. It is something that can prevent kids from bullying. Make sure that you are a good role model for this one. You also have to show that you empathize with people as well. It is an excellent method to make them feel that their feelings are validated when they see someone worth empathizing with.

Truly, bullying can go a long way for a child. It also goes way back for others. So, when the situation is mitigated as early as possible, you will have an easier time handling it. On the other hand, if parents condone such behavior, children will think that such action is actually okay. Remember that children seek verification from the people that surround them.



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