The second book happened as a result of a trip I went on with a friend of mine named Susan. She was stressed out from her job, and I also needed to some time away, so I invited her to come with me to Amish Country in Pennsylvania. The first night we arrived at the hotel after a long drive, we decided to relax, have an early dinner, and retire early, so we could wake up early in the morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast.
In the middle of the night, I was woken up by hearing a name out loud, “MILTON! Milton the Bully Frog” I was startled and put the light on. Susan asked me what was wrong.
I said, “I just heard the darnedest thing! I heard a name! Milton the Bully Frog.”
“Oh my goodness,” she said. “Only you!”
We went back to sleep and we talked about it the next day at the restaurant. I knew it was a book I had to write. Then, after our meal, we went to a farmer’s market and Susan found a wonderful little ceramic of a frog with a ladybug on his toe!
“I want you to look at this,” she said, and showed it to me. “I want you to see where God is leading you!” And she bought it for me.
That led me to thinking about the bully frog and about bullying, and from those thoughts I wrote the story.
The ladybug in the story was based on Esther in the Bible. She would make this bully understand what he was doing to this little community of creatures where he lives, the Pond. Like Esther, the ladybug was made to be courageous, and stood up for what she thought was right for her people. Only this little ladybug could fly to the bully frog and stand up to him, and tell him what the Might Wondrous Voice of Love put on her heart that would help him change his hear mind. She became courageous and he became changed in love.

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