Empowering Children to Handle Bullies: Guide for Parents

Are you afraid of letting your kids out and play with other kids in the community? You don’t desire children to be exposed to the harsh side of the world. But eventually, they will be. Some say bullies would start in school, but it starts right after a child is born, if you think about it. Bullies can be everywhere, existing in various forms—physically and emotionally. It messes up a person’s day. Making the young ones aware of them can benefit them in so many ways, even stop the possibility of making them one of the bullies.

Knowing if your kid is a victim or one of the bullies is appropriate so you will know what to do. Signs should be evident to know whether your child is either of both. If your child has behavioral issues, such as being hot-headed and impulsive, it could indicate that a child is a bully. However, there is a dire need to talk to the people surrounding them to make sure. On the other hand, it can be a more complicated situation if your child is a victim. But there sure are warning signs that you should notice. If not, it could lead to more severe problems.

Learning to become mindful of children’s actions is crucial for parents to know how to deal with them appropriately. Bullying is one of the serious subjects but is very much happening, especially in the lives of young ones. In this blog, you will learn how to empower children to handle bullies. This is perfect for parents, educators, and even those who deal with children constantly. Here are some of the empowering ways to teach children how to face bullies properly:

Give Scenarios

Children are more progressive than people usually think. The thing about them is that they perceive information from what they often see and witness. You can know many ways on how parents can give examples to them, such as books. Children’s books tackle moral lessons for children to learn, and it is the best way children can learn while being entertained. Caroleann Rice authored a children’s book that can help parents make children aware of bullies. Her book, The Ladybug And The Bully Frog, is a story that most young ones can relate to. This book ideal to make children aware of bullies by giving them scenarios that aren’t too harsh but at the same time will give them wisdom.

Inform them Early

As early as they can understand, you should always make sure that they already know its details. Your child may not be exposed to these kinds of situations, so the more you have to help them be aware. As mentioned, books are great ways for them to know about it. It would be best to give them books that tackle bullying, such as Caroleann Rice’s books. She has plenty of them that can also teach other moral lessons that children at a young age must know about. Her other book, Solomon Snail Goes to the Beach, will teach a pearl of different wisdom.

Create an Open Relationship

Having an open relationship with your children will allow them to have deeper conversations with you. The best thing you can do is to keep an open line of communication. It will help if you made them feel safe whenever they are talking to you. Check on them with school and their friends. To make them comfortable telling you everything you need to know, use a calm voice that can nurture them. This way, if any problems occur, they will not hesitate to talk to you about it.

Give Them Actionable Steps

It would be best to make sure that your children are reacting correctly when this happens to them. Research some appropriate things to do and deal with bullies. You should make them understand that bullies require power and control over others. These people have a desire to hurt other people. So, to help them avoid becoming stressed out over it, they should remind themselves that bullies are not worth it.

In conclusion, bullies can be everywhere, in any shape and size. Taking action to stop bullying is necessary. Essentially, as early as possible, children should be taught not to bully others.


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